Assassin Creed Rebellion Is Finally On Android and iOS

Assassin creed Rebellion out on Android

Remember Assassins Creed Rebellion? The mobile game produced by Unisoft? Well it officially now on Android and iOS

It looks very similar to Fallout Shelter, but in this game, you build a shelter from the Templar and a Nuclear World like Fallout for Android/iOS.

That is Assassin Creed is very similar to Fallout Shelter but without Nuclear War. So every Fallout fan will like this new Assassin Creed to play on the go.

You have over 40 character to recruit across the Assassin Creed franchise.

There are many things to be done in the game from building up your indestructible fortress, placing rooms, you can also gather resources and also create medicines to get your characters up and running.

That's not all, the most interesting part is that you can invade other Templars and crush their stronghold but always expect a retaliation.

If you love the gameplay idea, you could head over to Google play right now and download the game.